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Dementia Education and Care for Quality of Life

Stiftelsen Silviahemmet was founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden. Early on the Queen realised that knowledge is a powerful tool for understanding, helping and providing good care for people with dementia. This insight was the start of the foundation and the school was inaugurated on Valentine’s Day 1996. Through various training initiatives, Silviahemmet’s aim is to contribute to the highest possible quality of life for those suffering from dementia, including their families.

Silviahemmet’s philosophy of care includes person-centred care, family support, teamwork and communication – all aiming at the highest possible quality of life for both the person with dementia and the family.

Silviahemmet offers training in various professional categories within the healthcare and social care sectors and arranges courses for families and other informal caregivers.

Silviahemmet internationally

Since 2006, Silviahemmet works with various training programmes. The Train the Trainer Programme has spread Silviahemmet’s philosophy of care to several countries. New trainers are annually examined at Silviahemmet and a successful examination enables them to provide training in their own country.

Silviahemmet’s certification programme is also offered internationally. The first certification outside of Sweden was implemented in 2016 by Malteser Tagestreff in Bottrop, Germany. The collaboration with Sophiahemmet University also offers a web-based International Silvia Nursing Programme in Dementia Care, leading to the title of Silvia Nurse. The web-based Master’s Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians, Occupationals Therapists and Physiotherapists, by Karolinska Institutet, are instructed in English. Silvia Doctors are now working in both Europe and Asia.

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If you have questions please contact us at e-mail info@silviahemmet.se

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